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Class Hours - ECE 483 / ME 431

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8AM Kyle Kyle
9AM Jared Kyle Nathan (Lab #3) Kyle
10AM Jared Kyle Nathan (Lab #3) Kyle
11AM Nathan (Lab #3) Kyle/Nathan (Lab #4)
12AM Nathan Kyle/Nathan (Lab #4)
1PM Nathan Beard Kyle/Nathan (Lab #4)
2PM Lecture Lab overview Lecture Help Session Lecture
3PM Alok Beard Alok/Jared (Lab #2) Beard Beard
3:30PM Alok Jared (Lab #1) Alok/Jared (Lab #2)
4PM Alok Jared (Lab #1) Alok/Jared (Lab #2)
5PM Alok Jared (Lab #1) Alok/Jared (Lab #2) Alok
6PM Alok Jared (Lab #1) Alok Alok

Lecture, lab overview, and help session are held in CB 256.

Nathan and Jared will primarily help with the lab in Fletcher 280. Alok and Kyle will primarily help with homework in CB 425 (CAEDM).

Exclusive lab hours are:

  • Group #1: Tuesday 3:30PM - 6:30PM
  • Group #2: Wednesday 3PM - 6PM
  • Group #3: Thursday 9AM - 12PM
  • Group #4: Friday 11AM - 2PM

Do not work in the lab during any other group time than your own. Otherwise, Fletcher 280 is available for your use on a first come first serve basis. However, please be courteous of those who are waiting to use the lab, especially during peak times.