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Laser Scan Matching/Odometry Group

Resource Documents

Research Deadlines

  • February
    • By Feb 4 - Extract Contours from laser scan data
    • Feb 4-11 - Create and compare Log-Likelihood scan with local map
    • Feb 12-18 - Add new scan to map
    • Feb 19-25 - Find pose, refine pose estimate (using gradient ascent), add to global map
  • March
    • Something really hard and time consuming


Robot Operating System (Database Info Distribution)


Bag of Words Group


Extension of Sim Environment Group

Building Group


Roadmap & Milestones

Work Group Responsible Grad Jan Feb March April
Vision Recognition Bryce In real time, with computer and camera in hand, recognize the thumb drive and Arabic signs while walking past them. The objective should be to recognize these objects in passing as opposed to intentionally staring at them…
Mapping and Localization Raj Map Encoded (for vision & laser) Be able to consistently identify where you are in a known map
Build Maps “Bag of Words” style place recognition
Physical Construction Rob Build Competition-style walls with a window Complete mechanism for USB swap keeping in mind the competition weight constraints
Complete Prop Guards
Complete Sensor mounts (and perhaps alternative landing gear)
Simulation Stephen & Everett Model Characterization of the HexaKopter Add Competition-style obstacles to the existing virtual world Extend the virtual world to the entire lab (i.e. rooms 280 and 290x)
Output something to indicate collisions with obstacles Be able to land on tables, etc.
Estimation/Odometry John Characterize the performance of IMU only estimation Scan Matching and Visual Odometry algorithms working Fusing IMU with Odometry
Path Following Jeff Basic path following algorithm implemented Autonomous path planning algorithm working

Breakout of Groups

Vision Recognition Mapping & Localization Physical Construction Simulation Odometry Path Following
David Dzado Nathan Honka Ben Baird James Bangerter Nathan Honka Christopher Blackhurst
Eric Johnson David Dzado James Bangerter Michael Root Larry Moore Matthew Manwaring
Jeff Hutchins Jeff Hutchins Larry Moore Paul Bartholomew Eric Johnson Daniel Perry
Samuel Olson Samuel Olson Michael Root Christopher Blackhurst Daniel Perry Sunir Pokharel
Jared Keeley Jared Keeley Paul Bartholomew Matthew Manwaring Sunir Pokharel Ben Baird