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Quadrotor Dynamics

    • Used as the basis for much of John Macdonald's January 24th presentation.
    • These notes were originally developed for the first quadrotor senior project (circa 2007?). For context, in that project they were trying to stabilize a quadrotor with a downward looking camera that could see (and hopefully follow) a ground robot. That context is sometimes implicity incorporated into these notes…
  • "The French Paper" (as we call it) on quadrotor dynamics.
    • If you love dynamics and want to digest a more detailed model of what's happening on the quadrotor, this paper is for you…

Sources for our Navigation Approach

  • "View-based Maps" (Journal Version), by Konolige, et al, in International Journal of Robotics Research, May 2010.
    • For vision-based nav, we want to almost entirely copy what they do here, only we want to put it on an air vehicle and use the state estimates in the control loop.
    • If you want to start with the shorter version, see the conference version of this paper.
  • MIT's entry in the 2009 IARC, by Bachrach, et al.
    • This is an important point of reference as their team won the 2009 IARC in its first try.
    • For laser-based nav, we want to exactly mimic their laser scan matching approach. See also this paper's bibliography for references to that algorithm.
    • For additional details on their approach, see also this paper from a 2009 European MAV conference or Bachrach's Masters Thesis
  • "Toward a Navigation System for Autonomous Indoor Flying," by Grzonka, Grisetti, Burgard, in ICRA 2009.
    • Provides a tutorial overview of the considerations involved in designing a navigation system using a Hokuyo laser range finder for our type of platform.
    • Their approach to mapping (laser scans as nodes connected by spatial constraints) is similar to the View-based Maps approach.

SLAM Overview