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 ====== Quadrotor Dynamics ====== ====== Quadrotor Dynamics ======
-  * Caleb'​s ​Thesis or something else here...+  * {{:​quadrotor:​beardsquadrotornotes.pdf|Dr. Beard'​s ​Quadrotor Notes}} 
 +    * Used as the basis for much of John Macdonald'​s January 24th presentation. 
 +    * These notes were originally developed for the first quadrotor senior project (circa 2007?​). ​ For context, in that project they were trying to stabilize a quadrotor with a downward looking camera that could see (and hopefully follow) a ground robot. ​ That context is sometimes implicity incorporated into these notes... 
 +  * {{:​quadrotor:​the_true_role_of_accelerometer_feedback_in_quadrotor_control.pdf|"​The French Paper" (as we call it)}}  on quadrotor dynamics. 
 +    * If you love dynamics and want to digest a more detailed model of what's happening on the quadrotor, this paper is for you...
 ====== Sources for our Navigation Approach ====== ====== Sources for our Navigation Approach ======