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 +====== Syllabus ======
 +===== Text =====
 +Thrun, Burgard, Fox //​Probabilistic Robotics,// MIT Press, 2006. 
 +===== Prerequisites =====
 +This is a senior design course for Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students. ​ We will assume that you are a senior in one of these programs. ​ You will need to have either a background in automatic control (ECE 483/ME 431) or signal processing, or good programming skills. ​ However, the main prerequisite is that you are clever, hard working, and want to work on hard, challenging problems.
 +ssical control theory. ​
 +===== Grading =====
 +Final grades in the course will be based on the following distribution:  ​
 +  * Project management assignments: ​      20%
 +  * Lab assignments: ​                     20%
 +  * Quality of final project: ​            20%
 +  * Class participation and engagement: ​  20%
 +  * Written and oral reports: ​            20%
 +==== Project Management Assignments ====
 +You will meet with Mr. Doug Clifford twice a week throughout the semester and will learn project management skills. ​ He will give you a number of assignments that will be graded.
 +==== Lab Assignments ====
 +During the first month of the class, we will meet regularly for technical lectures. ​ We will also give you assignments that will help you to become familiar with the technical issues and the hardware that we will be using.  ​
 +==== Quality of Final Project ====
 +The quality of the final project will be assessed and graded.
 +==== Class Participation and Engagement ====
 +Do you come to the technical lectures and participate? ​ Do you attend group meetings? ​ Are you fully engaged on the team?  Are you a main contributor?​
 +==== Written and Oral Reports ====
 +There will be two design reviews throughout the semester that will include oral (powerpoint) reports, as well as a final written written report which will need to be submitted electronically on this wiki.
 +===== Miscellaneous =====
 +==== Office Hours ====
 +Please respect my office hours. If they are not accommodating,​ make an appointment with me via email.
 +==== Honor Code Standards ====
 + In keeping with the principles of the BYU Honor Code, students are expected to be honest in all of their academic work.  Academic honesty means, most fundamentally,​ that any work you present as your own must in fact be your own work and not that of another. ​ Violations of this principle may result in a failing grade in the course and additional disciplinary action by the university.
 + ​Students are also expected to adhere to the Dress and Grooming Standards. ​ Adherence demonstrates respect for yourself and others and supports an effective learning and working environment. ​ It is the university’s expectation,​ and my own expectation in class, that each student will abide by all Honor Code standards ​ Please contact the Honor Code Office (4440 WSC, 422-2847, if you have questions about those standards.
 +==== Preventing Sexual Discrimination or Harassment ====
 + ​Sexual discrimination or harassment (including student-to-student harassment) is prohibited both by the law and by Brigham Young University policy. ​ If you feel you are being subjected to sexual discrimination or harassment, please bring your concerns to the professor. ​ Alternatively,​ you may lodge a complaint with the Equal Employment Office (D-240C ASB, 422-5895, or with the Honor Code Office (4440 WSC, 422-2847,
 +==== Students with Disabilities ====
 + If you have a disability that may affect your performance in this course, you should get in touch with the office of University Accessibility Center (1520 WSC, 422-2767, ​ This office can evaluate your disability and assist the professor in arranging for reasonable accommodations.