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The tasks for the semester are roughly divided into five groups. A member from each team should be assigned to each task, and teams should work together on each task to get baseline capability.

  • Task 1. Mechanical System.
  • Task 2. Simulator.
  • Task 3. Motion Control.
  • Task 4. Vision and State estimation.
  • Task 5. ROS Architecture and Artificial Intelligence Strategies.

Mechanical System

The main task will be to design the physical robot to meet the size constraints. Help order parts, connect the electronics, work out the details of the communication system, and ensure that the robot remains functional throughout the semester.


We will design two simulators to be used during the semester.

  1. Simulink Simulator. The first is a simulink simulator for quick prototyping and concept development.
  2. Gazebo Simulator. The idea is to have a hardware in the loop simulator based on the Gazebo environment. Connections to Gazebo will be through ROS.

Motion Control

Vision and State estimation

ROS Architecture and Artificial Intelligence Strategies