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Ardupilot Project Wiki


Hardware in Loop


Hardware that is need to run HIL

  • Ardupilot Mega (APM)
  • Remote Control

Software Downloads

APM Mission Planner - available only for windows:

  • Want to download MissionPlanner(bit)-(version).msi
  • Zip file might work OK as well

X-Plane Airplane Simulator – available Windows, Linux, Mac:
X-plane Bixler model (HiLStar17):

Notes for Software

The link for the HIL tutorial is pretty good to follow. Make the following changes to X-Plane.
X-Plane Demo notes:

  • Says it will only run for 15 minutes, but have been able to run at least 30
  • Demo only in Seattle area
  • Default airport is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (KSEA)
  • Change Weather – environment/weather
  • Change Day/Time – environment/day_time
  • Change Net Address - IP Address -
  • Change Net Address - Data ports – 49.005;49.000;49.105
  • (These numbers can be found in Mission Planner, except 49.105)
  • Change Aircraft

Mission Planner notes:
Upon start up, command prompt screen should appear. If there is a lot of writing on the command prompt and the program never loads, make sure you have DirectX downloaded (see manual/QuickStart)!!!

To set home:

  • Flight Planner
  • Click home numbers(bottom right corner)
  • For KSEA airport
  • Lat - 47.431629
  • Lon - -122.307701

Hardware Setup:

  • Turn on remote control
  • Plug in battery
  • Plug in USB cable
  • Connect in Mission Planner(button in top right corner)