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Problems and Next Steps

Common Problems

Kismet Failed

Yeah, kismet does this a lot, it seems like the wifi driver support is lacking. I also can't figure out how to turn DHCP off for it. Sometimes it grabs on to the driver and won't let go, causing kismet to fail. Rebooting the Pi helps. If your error is not related to that, check your source settings in the configuration file, or the IP address settings if you're using the drone.

Gstreamer Failed

Verify that your port and IP settings are the same (they should point to the Pi). Also, make sure GStreamer is running on the PI before launching it on the base station.

The GPS Isn't working

Make sure you use sudo when you start If after typing cgps -s you get a timeout error, it's because you've got the gps connected wrong (probably mixed the RX and TX wires). If you don't have any satellites, you're probably working in the fletcher, try to set the pi by the window or go to another room.

I Can't Install ANYTHING

Before you do anything else, try to run “sudo apt-get -f install”. To prevent this error, pretty please do not install any packages that didn't come from apt-get or the software distribution center. Do not change the apt-get database file either. If you have to do that, it's better to install from source.

Next Steps

The biggest issues right now are these:

  • We need to stream our data with the cellular modem. Eventually we will need two (one for the Pi and one for the Base Station), but right now we only have one. How can we stream through BYU's firewall? Maybe we will need to create a small network of our own?
  • Integrate Mavlink, right now we are doing the GPS and Servo Accelerometer seperate. It would be GREAT if we could just get this data from the pixhawk. It would cut down on weight and improve battery life. We just need someone to figure out how to pull the gps data out of mavlink and send it to gpsd and how to pull the accelerometer data out and send it to the PWM board or another program that can process the data and send that to PWM board.
  • If we cannot use cellular data, what will we do? We need a backup in case we don't get good reception.
  • Get the Y6 running with the Pixhawk autopilot