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We will be using the Intel Atom based MinnowBoard (complimentary image) with the "Bob" lure, MinnowBoard's version of a breakout board.


The camera we will use is the SoftKinetic's DS325.

Motor and encoder

In the side room of the EE shop, in the back is a drawer full of the Robot Soccer motors and wheels. The blue motor's datasheet can be found here, and the attached encoder's datasheet here. In particular, for the encoder, the pin layout is located on the first page.
Note: The original links broke to the datasheet and these links now go to the wayback machine archive. For reference, the Motor is a series 2224 … SR by Faulhaber, and the encoder is a series IE2-1024 magnetic encoder.

Motor controller

The Roboclaw 2x5A can drive two motors. Each robot will have two Roboclaw's for a total of 4 motors. The specific 2x5a datasheet explains the wiring set up in the second half of the document. In addition, the main datasheet has more detail wiring for connecting to the Minnow board.


We will be using a USB WI-FI dongle for communication instead of the xbee. We will be using tp-link's WN722N.

Voltage Regulator

The Minnow Board needs a 5v input voltage that the battery does not provide. To remedy this we will be using this voltage regulator.