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Competition Rules

Last update to these rules occurred on 5 February 2014

  • Robots must fit in a can with an 8-inch diameter and 10-inch height. All robots must be fully autonomous using on-board resources: other than start and stop directives, no information can be sent to the robots during play from human operators or from the team’s basestation computer.
  • The ball is a standard golf ball, with the color to be determined by majority vote. We can choose from any currently available ball. (The ball will not be painted or modified.)
  • The field will be five feet wide by 10 feet long. The goals will be two feet wide and specially marked with a unique color. The sides of the field will be angled so that the ball cannot get stuck against the sides or in the corner. There will be six markers at the four corners and at centerfield. The markers will be three feet high, with three one-foot color sections. The colors will be arranged so that each marker is unique.
  • Each team will be assigned one of two fixed colors for each game. All players on that team must be able to wear the assigned color, and that color must be clearly visible from all angles at player height. All players on each team will be marked in the same way, so there will be no designated goalkeeper.
  • Robots must be designed and operated in such a way that they do not damage other robots, the field, or human spectators. Kickers are not allowed to shoot the ball so hard that it damages other players. Robots are to avoid collisions. Any contact with a defender while in the defense area will be deemed a violation. Outside the defense area, causing substantial contact with an opposing robot will be deemed a violation. (Contact is considered substantial if it noticeably changes a player’s orientation, position, or motion.) If the responsibility for contact is not obvious play may be allowed to continue.
  • The offside rule will not apply.
  • It will be deemed a violation if a robot drops parts on the field.
  • Robots are not allowed to fix the ball to their body, or encompass the ball in any way that prevents access by other players. 80% of the area of the ball must be outside the convex hull of the robot, when viewed from the side at a perpendicular angle.
  • No robot can use adhesives such as glue or tape for purposes of controlling the ball or constructing a dribbler. It is a violation to leave residue on the ball or the field. Dribbling devices that exert backspin on the ball (to maintain contact with the robot) are permitted, provided that the spin on the ball is perpendicular to the plane of the field.