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ECE 490 - Robot Soccer 2016

MW 11:00-11:50 AM, 406 CB (Technical lectures)
TTh 9:00-9:50 AM, 3714 HBLL (Business lectures)



  • Andrew Keller, andrewmkeller -at- gmail -dot- com
  • Jacob White, snowflakeobsidian3 -dot- 14 -at- gmail -dot- com

Office Hours: (each starts at the hour indicated and is 50 minutes long)

Mon 4pm (Jacob)
Tue 10am (Jacob)
Tue 12pm (Andrew)
Or by appointment.

Class email list: robot_soccer-l -at- et -dot- byu -dot- edu

Class Information

Technical Material


Picture Directory

Team Jar Jar : Jessica Johnston, Chase McCloskey, Parker Ridd, Connor Smith

MC2K : Carson Bunker, Mark Petersen, Kyle Richey, Mark Roberts

Beckham-Howard : Kevin Cuzner, Mitchell Jones, Craig Lowe, Shreeya Mody

The Resistance : Brandon Dahl, Hampton Madsen, Ty Madsen, Tygan Shelton

Chicken McThuggets : Troy Ellis, Chris Frame, Parker Lusk, Jacob Zamora

SKYNET : Rodolfo Amaya, Justin Casper, Daniel Frame, Sean Jensen

BaeMax : Chad Josephson, Jared Patten, Jared Ririe, Peter Zabriskie

Botnet : Yazan Halawa, Adam Hastings, Josh Powell, Brian Russell

The Humans Are Dead : Karla Larriva, Chase Lundell, Renato Scheuer, Ryjan VanEvera

The First Order : Troy Hinckley, Matthew Kirk, James Parker, Glade Snyder