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In doing research, it is essential to carefully study related work in the field. In doing so, it is critical to efficiently organize the papers that you have read in a system that allows you to quickly find papers on a related subject. After experimenting with various systems, I have converged on the following organization structure that you may want to try as an initial starting place.

1. I maintain a *single* file called refs.bib in the directory My Documents > latex » bib that contains bibliography information about all of the papers that I have read. Copy the following gutted version of refs.bib to your directory, and open using WinEdt.

2. As an exercise, insert a reference to the paper

Timothy W. McLain, Randal W. Beard, “Coordination Variables, Coordination Functions, and Cooperative Timing Missions,” AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, & Dynamics, vol. 28, no. 1, January, 2005, p. 150-161.

using the menu selections: Insert > Bibtex items > Article

When completed the entry should look something like:


   AUTHOR = "Timothy W. McLain and Randal W. Beard",
   TITLE = "Coordination Variables, Coordination Functions, and
          Cooperative Timing Missions",
   YEAR = "2005",
   volume = "28",
   number = "1",
   pages = "150--161",
   month = "January",
   abstract = "
      cooperative control,
      cooperative timing
      unmanned air vehicles
      This paper presents an approach to the design of cooperative control problems using the notion of coordination variables and coordination functions.  Applications of the approach to cooperative timing problems are presented.


The article key is McLainBeard05 which is used to reference the article inside a latex file. For consistence, I always create an electronic version of papers that I have read and save them to the folder My Documents > latex » bib »> library under the same name used for the article key. For the example given above, the paper is McLainBeard05.pdf. This allows me to quickly find papers that I have read using the bibliography file refs.bib. Everything contained inside of the “abstract” field is ignored when the reference list is compiled. Therefore, I use this field to insert keywords that will make it easy for me to find the paper, and a short description of what is in the paper. I use the description to help me write literature surveys in papers.

3. Include the following text right before \end{document} in template.tex:

\bibliographystyle{plain} \bibliography{../../bib/refs}

4. In the body of the text reference the paper using text like the following:

A discussion of coordination variables is given in Reference~\cite{McLainBeard05}.

5. Compile using WinEdt by running latex → bibtex → latex → latex