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BYU Blue Icarus

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Team Members Fall 2014
Paul Berret (Team Captain)
Mitch Burnett
Zebulon Rosemore
Tyler Hale
Andrew Cutler
Final Documents

The Final Report includes a detailed explantaion of our progress in the Fall 2014 Semester. This report also includes other documents that we have worked on over the semester such as the Functional Specification, Concept Generation and Project Schedule.
Final Report
Final Presentation Slides

Block Diagram

Action Items

Flight Systems

  • Assist the Red Team to learn to fly Y6 in autopilot mode
  • With working BladeRF model work on a way to jam the channel hopping APM Planner comm link
  • Develop and implement a GNU Radio Spectrum anylyzer on the BladeRF
  • Interface with the Radar System
  • Start computer vision with Go-Pro
  • Integate BladeRF on Y6
Hardware and Documentation

BladeRF Nuand