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The Red October

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Control Documents from Fall 2014

This zip file contains most of the control documents from Fall Semester 2014. Included are our Functional Specification, Concept Generation and Selection, Project Schedule, and others relevant documents that we used during the project.
Our final report can be found here:
Final Report

Code from Fall 2014

Below is a zip file containing the code we used to control the systems. Note that there are also configuration files that may not be included here. In other words, don't go reformating the pi willy-nilly, and always back it up! Camera control files are found in the MissionControl directory. Scripts for starting and loading various systems are found in the scripts directory. Everything else is code libraries we need or configuration file backups.
These two files are for the camera controller, they are also in the zip file above. The pdf tells you how to use it. Rename the rtf to a .py to use the other file. I couldn't upload it as a txt or a py file. cameracontroller.pdf cameracontroller.rtf

Action Items

Flight Systems

  • Fly the Y6 in autopilot mode
  • Integrate the Pi and Pixhawk onto the Y6.
  • Test the performance of the integrated system.
  • Evaluate Props and determine if we need to get better ones.

Mission Systems

  • Make a cable to hook the PI to the Pixhawk
  • Buy a new Raspberry Pi camera…the old one stopped working, and so we are currently using the IR Raspberry Pi camera.
  • Determine how to send data over the 4G cellular network
  • Begin GNU Radio spectrum analyzer implementation
  • Order an RTL-SDR Tv-Tuner Chip for use with GNU Radio
  • Decide how to power the Modem and Wifi Receiver on the Raspberry Pi.
Block Diagram

Project Schedule
Begin Flight Testing, Start GPS integration Nov 2014
Test RPi/Sensors on Battery Power, Test Flight Duration with Payload, Test Software Radio Dec 2014
Integrate Mission and Flight Systems, Test Wireless Link to Ground Station Jan 2015
Test Integrated Solution (Battery Power, Flight Time, Maneuverability, etc.) Feb 2015
Simulation for Final Demonstration, Final Report Mar 2015
Final Demonstration Apr 2015
Contact Information
Matt James (Team Captain) 801-726-2705
Thomas Townsend 509-863-3812
Michael Boren 817-694-5839
Andrew Hendricks 801-687-6046
Samuel Farnsworth 000-000-0000
Kevin Perkins 000-000-0000
Tyler Hansen 000-000-0000