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ECE 490 - Perseus III Design Competition 2014-2015

MW 8:00-8:50 AM, 290B FB (Technical lectures)
TTh 9:00-9:50 AM, 240 CTB (Business lectures)

Instructors: Beard, Warnick,

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The BYU Magicc Lab has been involved in UAV research since 2000 and is recognized worldwide as academic leader in the field. Successes include the successful transition of the Kestral autopilot to Procerus Technologies in 2004, which was acquired by Lockheed Martin in 2012. See for details. For an overview of some of the research projects we have conducted in the Magicc lab see In 2012 the National Science Center awarded BYU and the University of Colorado with an NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center which leverages industry sponsorship to facilitate research collaboration between industry and university researchers. For more detail on the center and some of the research conducted in the center see Because of this background, we have been asked to participate in a multi-university design competition to develop (1) small UAS technology to survey targets of value, and (2) technology to prevent other teams from surveying the same asset.

Detailed descriptions of the project:

Logo files that can be used for documents associated with the project:


quadrotor_notes.pdf - Incomplete (and old) notes on quadrotor dynamics and control.

leishmanmacdonaldbeard14.pdf - Recent article in control systems magazine explaining the inclusion of an induced drag term in the dynamics, and its effect on state estimation.

differentially_flat_planner.pdf - 2011 IROS paper that describes path planning for multi-rotors using differential flatness.

mahonykumarcorke12.pdf - 2012 article in Robotics and Automation Magazine by Mahony, Kumar, and Corke that explains dynamics, estimation, and control of multirotor vehicles.